Dr. Murid Javed

Short Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Murid Javed is Director of ART Laboratories at Thuriah Medical Center, Riyadh.  He is certified Laboratory Director by Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society.  He is member of the Practice Committee and Chair of Certification Committee of American College of Embryology.  He is an active member of many professional societies including ESHRE, ASRM and CFAS.

He has been in the profession of Reproductive Physiology since 1981 and his interests include study of male and female reproductive systems, laboratory aspects of handling sperm and oocytes and long term cryopreservation of gametes, embryos and tissues. His initial research experiments from 1981 to 1986 were on application of Clinical Embryology in research animals.  During this time he also earned M.Sc. (Hons) degree in Animal Reproduction.  In 1986, he went to Washington State University, USA for PhD in Embryo Physiology. There he learned all aspects of Embryology at advanced level and earned PhD degree in 1990.  His PhD research was on determination of glucose utilization by embryos at different stages of development and use of amniotic and allantoic fluid for culture of embryos.  He had the opportunity to complete his post doctorate fellowships in two of the World’s best Embryology Laboratories; first at Kyoto University, Japan and then at University of Georgia, Athens, USA.  At these institutions, he conducted research on in vitro fertilization, embryo culture and embryo vitrification.  

In 1997, he migrated to Canada and settled in Toronto where he worked at Toronto Institute for Reproductive Medicine for more than 4 years.  In 2001, he was selected by University of Michigan, USA as Senior Clinical Technologist to establish oocyte, sperm and embryo cryopreservation facility for cancer patients.  He was then selected by Toronto Centre for Advanced Reproductive Technology as Clinical Embryologist where he worked for 8 years under the directions of Professor Dr. Robert Casper.  In 2010, he took the responsibility of Director ART Laboratories at Astra Fertility Clinic which had 4 locations across Greater Toronto Area.  In Oct 2015, he was selected as Director ART laboratories at Thuriah Medical Center.

Dr. Javed has extensive research and clinical experience in all aspects of Assisted Reproductive Technology.  He has published extensively and has written a book chapter.  He likes to share knowledge, train new staff and implements all measures for best care of sperm, eggs and embryos in the laboratory.  The topic of his talk is “Strategies to Overcome Male Factor Infertility – A Laboratory Prospective”.

Session - 4
15:30 PM – 15:50 PM
Challenges in handling OncoFertility samples in the laboratory.  [Dr. Murid Javed]

This talk will focus on handling in the laboratory, oncofertility specimens, from male and female cancer patients.  Emphasis will be placed on using the proven techniques and procedures to preserve gametes or tissues.  Difficulties in preserving gametes in certain situations will be highlighted.  Reasons for recent storage failures will be explained and methods to prevent these disasters will be provided.  Pros and cons of experimental techniques will be discussed.     



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