2nd Fertility Group Symposium, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Start Date: Friday 06-Dec-2013
End Date: Saturday 07-Dec-2013

SFG organized the 2nd Annual Symposium On Friday, Saturday, 6-7 / December / 2013

In meridian elkhobar Hotel from 8:00 pm to 17:00 PM.

Which was attended by 14international and local speakers with expertise in this area.

The conference was opened by Dr. Mansour bin Nasser Hawasi Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Hassan Jamal chairman of Saudi OB-GYN Society, Dr. Hisham Arab Executive Secretary of Saudi OB-GYN Society and Dr. Hamad Al-Sufyan Saudi Fertility Group Chairman.

The recommendations of the 2nd symposium of SFG:

  1. SFG closed the symposium on Saturday 7/12/2013
  2. Dr. Hamad Alsufyan SFG chairman  confirmed the outcomes of the symposium as follows:
  3. Enhance visits and scientific educational lectures with latest updates in reproductive & fertility medicine in various regions of the Kingdom to improve the knowledge and performance skills of doctors and practitioners to deal with the infertility cases.
  4. Development of medical research this field.
  5. Sharing of experiences in order to active scientific and enrich the doctors in the public and private sector expertise.
  6. Hold scientific conferences, workshops & training courses to sharing expertise through doctors to end back benefit for the patient.
  7. One of the recommendations the need for the women to do a period examinations to find out the infertility reasons.
  8. Keep up with the latest in treatments & diagnostics in women & men infertility.